Ex-Members of One Without forms We Are The Catalyst

From the official Press Release:

Ex-members of Swedish Modern Metal band “One Without”, singer Catrin Feymark and growler/guitarist Kenny Boufadene, has launched their new band “We Are The Catalyst”.
They have also released their first track “Beware of Snakes” as a lyrics video on Youtube and as a free download on Facebook.

With a firm footing in the Rock and Metal genres, the band originating from Varberg, Sweden, focuses on experimenting with different sounds, drawing influences from a multitude of genres, determined to deliver a heavy sound with a twist.

“We Are The Catalyst” was formed around the idea that our world is upside-down, and that it´s due time to make a change.
As long as we accept the world as it is, thinking another way of life is impossible, nothing is going to change. The choice is ours, wether we believe it or not.” . Says Catrin Feymark of “We Are The Catalyst”.

“Beware of Snakes” was written by We Are The Catalyst and Produced and mixed by Kenny Boufadene at Studio Meltdown.