Big news! 
We are going on a China tour from April 27th – May 4th! We are very proud to say that we will be playing “Strawberry Festival” in Shanghai on May 3rd – The biggest Chinese Music festival with 100 000 attendees! 
We have also been invited to perform at the prestigious “Sound of the Xity” Expo in Beijing where music industry professionals from all over the world gather, as well as the clubs “Dusk Dawn Club” in Beijing and at “Inferno” in Shanghai! More shows to be announced!

Tour plan China:
27th April – TBA (to be announced)
28th April – SOTX Expo – Beijing
29th April – SOTX Expo – Beijing
30th April – SOTX Expo – Beijing
May 1st – TBA
May 2nd – DDC (Dusk Dawn club) – Beijing
May 3rd – Strawberry Festival – Shanghai
May 4th – Inferno – Shanghai