Oh baby!

2017-03-05 13.44.18

As most of you might know by now, me and Cat recently had the pleasure of getting another daughter named Celine in our life, hence why we´ve been kind of quiet on the touring front, and in making new music videos etc. It´s a bit trickier with a baby. But as many have noticed, we already have experience of touring with a small child since our daughter Decibelle were with us on both our China tour and our UK tour in 2015. 🙂

And fear not! As we are currently making plans for our next music video (from Elevation – release in the coming couple of months), and also for coming tours, – might even do a tour later this year!

And of course, as usual, we are writing new material for our third album! Most likely we will release it next year, but it´s a bit soon to go into more detail.
Thank you all for your continous and never wavering support! You guys ARE the best! 🙂
/Kenny and Cat