Crowdfunding officially failing!

?Not so good news ?…First, we are really grateful for all of you who have pledged in our crowdfunding campaign ?thank you! ?, but we have only reached about 45 % of our goal with the pledge campaign with 4 days to go, (it says 59 % now, but that is because we asked pledgemusic to lower the goal mid-campaign, seeing we probably wouldn´t reach the first.)?

?Problem is, if we choose to accept this sum and have pledgemusic lower our goal to meet it, so it´s at 100 % to make sure our pledgers get the stuff they bought. Then once we have printed, paid taxes, shipped and paid for all the stuff our pledgers have bought, we will have lost over 500 €. ? And that is without us paying for the PR that the campaign was supposed to fund. ✋Add that, and we are at around 3000 € in losses. Our original goal was 6500 €, and that would cover everything, if only barely. Now we are at about 2700 €.

?So, we are now thinking we have to accept that this campaign didn´t work, and let it fail at 59 %, and all who pledged will of course get their money back! And we will set up a pre order of our own for the album and t-shirts in a week or so. ?
Only those items for now though as there weren’t many who wanted most of the other stuff and it costs us much to produce just a couple of cups for example.

The ones of you who opted for your names in the album credits are in luck, since the cds have been printed! ??Also, all who pledged will of course keep the song downloads you’ve got.?