Joni leaving WATC.

…And we start the week with some sad news from our basist Joni ?, read below:

“Have you ever played a rock concert in China? Got a shoutout from Jerry Springer?

I have.
I would not if I had not played in WATC.

Those are a few of many privileges and opportunities I have experienced during my time. To see the world with amazing friends, I feel spoiled.

I am so proud of being a member of this band. We’ve had our and ups and downs (mostly downs), but I believe the tide is turning! The band needs new blood.

I am stepping down from the music scene.
I simply can’t motivate myself enough to continue at this point.
I have found a passion in sports, powerlifting and javelin throwing to be more precise.

There is no bad blood between us, we depart as friends. You’ll see me headbanging in the front row on all the local shows!

Kenny, Cat and Håkan.

I love you guys

I wish all the best to you, you deserve it.


Photo attached from my last show in London”

And we absolutely wish Joni all the best! ???
We are proud to be able to call him our friend!
You will always have a special place in our hearts, Joni and I am really happy for all the funny, hysterical, weird and tragic ? memories we have together! We love you! ? /Cat