“Alone Against The World” – New music video!

It´s finally out! 🙂 Almost one and a half year after we shot it, it´s finally done!

From the official press release:





7th May 2020 : Varberg, Sweden : The Alternative Rock/Metal band We Are The Catalyst from Sweden is releasing their new music video for the song “Alone Against The World” today. It is taken from the album “Ephemeral” that was released on February 13th 2019.

This music video has been in production for a very long time, seeing that the band shot it in February of 2019, but hasn´t come around to releasing it until now.

“Sometimes things need to take time.” – says Kenny Boufadene of the band.

“Usually I finish the videos we shoot in a couple of weeks, and we could probably have released this one much sooner, as it was probably 80-90 % done in April of 2019, but I just didn´t feel like it had that special something yet when I was editing it, and wanted to redo the edits, as we had shot it in some really cool environments with that underground, dark feel and graffiti on the walls etc, perfectly matching the message of the song with that feeling of being alone against the world (in the video somewhat translated to being part of “the underground”, hiding away.)

I just felt like I had to take a step back from everything as I had done a lot of heavy work with WATC in 2018 and beginning of 2019. I am nowadays familiar with the feeling of getting burnt out – and terrified of getting there again – I felt it was the time to deal with some personal stuff, “finding myself” if you will, before diving in again.

We had all somewhat lost the spark for the work we do, facing some setbacks with different things, like the Pledgemusic stuff we dealt with for example. And it took some time to find the spark again. So instead I focused on the work I do for other bands in my studio for a while and revisited the video from time to time, and in the end I very slowly got it exactly the way I wanted it, even if waaaay later than i would have liked.”

With the release of this video WATC has now began focusing all their attention on their fourth upcoming album, set to be recorded this spring.

Watch the new video here:


Cat Fey – Vocals

Kenny Boufadene – Guitars & Vocals

Håkan Strind – Drums

Swedens Alternative Metal/Rock act We Are The Catalyst was formed in November of 2012 in Varberg, Sweden, with the intent goal of being a light in the dark for those who need it the most, and in only a few years they have managed to stir up quite the buzz around their unique blend of Rock, Metal, Pop and Electronic elements that are interwoven in a natural sounding symbiosis.

Melodic, heavy, and with lyrics that often deals with the darkness in – and – outside of us, and of the urge to confront and change oneselves despite, and, because of that darkness.

Fronted by the unique Cat Fey, with her instantly likeable melodies, story-telling ability, strength and voice made for huge pop songs, they manage to stand out in the vast number of Rock and Metal bands today. Along with the force and power of the music this makes for a unique combination. And they manage to prove it over and over. Something that the numbers tell.

Since the start, WATC have received more than 6 million streamed songs on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and other platforms, about 1 million views on Youtube, and have had FM radio play in the UK, US as well as many other countries, all without label support.

They did their second show EVER on tour in China, followed by touring the UK and playing several festivals in 2015 (as well as Chinas biggest music festival)

In 2015 WATC won first prize in a competition organized by the magazine Metal Hammer, the festival Bloodstock Open Air and the Dutch Symphonic Metal band Delain, where the prize was to perform at Bloodstock Open Air as well as support Delain on a headline show in Birmingham, UK.

Speaking of being unique; WATC have Jerry Springer in the beginning of their music video for the cover “Don’t You Worry Child” presenting the song and talking to the viewer about the band.

Read the full biography here: http://www.wearethecatalystofficial.com

All other inquiries : info@onenightstand.tv