As most of you might know by now, me and Cat recently had the pleasure of getting another daughter named Celine in our life, hence why we´ve been kind of quiet on the touring front, and in making new music videos etc. It´s a bit trickier with a baby. But as many have noticed, we […]

“Elevation” is OUT! Listen on your favourite streaming platform, and buy it on any big music e-store! You can of course also order a physical signed copy from us at (The following will be in Swedish as it relates to a Swedish radio show interview we´re doing today) Idag gästar vi Piraterock954 vid 16 […]

With just one week until we release our new album “Elevation”, our third single “Home” from the album is now officially out! Watch the music-video here: Buy “Home” here: iTunes: Google Play:…/previ…/Bhqzatwfjclxui6z6ure4zssuqu You can of course buy the song on other big e-stores as well!