Album progress and pre-productions!

Hey guys! 

We have been making great progress in the studio these last few weeks, although it´s hard to find the time right now as I (Kenny) am working two day jobs while also trying to find the time to work on the songs. 

Here is a taste of what is to come, you get to hear one verse and one chorus from a track, but without lead vocals.

We have never before had such a flow when it comes to the writing process, the songs are almost writing themselves at the moment, and we are having so much fun with trying out all of our ideas, both good and bad. 🙂 

We have been stripping our lists of candidates for the album, and are now down to 14 songs we will consider for the album (Trying to fit 11-12 of them on the album, and maybe release one or two as singles only).

We might write more songs as we progress – Just the other day we wrote a new one that we definitely want on the album – so choosing is not easy, and not yet over!
We started with around 30 tracks we love, and are now down to 14, so the album will definitely be awesome when finished! 


We will be uploading pre-productions of the songs as we go, trying to at least show you something every two weeks, but maybe more often!  

We will of course be uploading later pre-productions with vocals when we feel they are shaping up. – If you really don´t want to miss when we upload the pre-productions, sign up for the mailing list on the right side of our website. 


/Kenny and Cat