“Monuments” has been nominated “Best Alternative Metal album” of 2014 by http://www.Metalstorm.net/, make sure you go over there and vote for us to win! Vote here:http://metalstorm.net/awards/categories.php?cat_id=19We´re in for some heavy competition with bands like Slipknot and Chevelle, so we really need your support! Voting will be open all month, so help spread the word!

Our debut album “Monuments” has officially been released! Buy it on iTunes, and help us climb the charts! You can of course also buy it on bandcamp, e-music and any other big online music store, and stream it on Spotify or anywhere where you can stream music! https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/monuments/id915910777Help us spread our music by posting this link to our […]